Todd Westlake, CPO

Todd Westlake is a certified prosthetist/orthotist providing quality care in orthotics and prosthetics for over 28 years. He started his career as a unit manger of rehab services at Methodist Hospital, he continued his patient care and supervision rolls at Fairview, until opening his own patient care practice in 2008. He has a wide array of experience in both orthotics and prosthetics, including halo placement and care, prosthetics upper and lower, spinal fracture management, burst FX, Compression FX, Pars FX, post operative spinal indication, cerebral palsy, upper and lower extremity fracture management, lower extremity developmental delay, foot pathologies, plagiocephaly, wound care,spasticity, pectus bracing, and scoliosis.

Todd loves to fish, hunt, golf and spend time with his family.


Jill Prinsen, CPO

Jill Prinsen is a certified prosthetist/orthotist who has been practicing for  seven years. She started her prosthetic career at Otto Bock as a myo-electric service technician and trainer. She started her patient care work on the east coast, where she worked with a wide variety of prosthetic cases including upper extremity (both body powered and myo-electric), pediatric, bilateral above knee and below knee, hip disarticulations, and badly scarred/burned limbs. Since moving back to MN she has been fortunate enough to work part time allowing her to be at home with her two boys.


Bobbi Mugaas, CO

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