We strongly recommend that patients speak directly with their insurance company regarding their plan’s coverage for the orthotics or prosthetisis been prescribed. We at Westlake Orthotics and Prosthetics cannot guarantee coverage of any items and that is we strongly recommend the patient or patient’s parents speak directly to their insurance company.

The member service telephone number can be found on the back of the insurance card. The following information will help make the phone call easier.

To check whether Westlake Orthotics and Prosthetics, INC. is an “In-Network” provider under your plan simply provide them with our Tax Identification Number 46-1449187


When you are at your initial (evaluation) appointment the practitioner will provide to you codes that we use to bill insurance for the specific items.

We want to help make this call as smooth as possible! We know insurance calls can be long and confusing and we hope the following questions can help you find out whether the items are eligible under your plan.

You can provide the codes, found on your patient treatment plan, to your insurance.

Are there any exclusions regarding the code(s)?

Are there certain criteria that must be met to be eligible for this benefit?

Are there limitations or exclusions to the specific benefit category?

Is a prior authorization, medical review or pre-notification required for this code(s)?

Are there specific requirements due to the cost of the code(s)?



If you find your insurance call to be confusing and not clear please do not hesitate to contact our office and we’d love to help!

You can contact us via phone at 651-291-9000 or via email below.

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